Becoming One Flesh Website

Almost all women of marriageable age talk about marriage, sex, children, and salvation. We bond over these basic and wonderful parts of being in God’s creation. Sometimes questions arise both before and after marriage. We all want the best version of our life to unfold, but often aren’t always sure how. Many of us turn to the more experienced men and women in our lives to show us the way – but sometimes its just too embarrassing or “taboo” to talk about. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Through THIS new website, I hope to bring you answers to some of the embarrassing questions about Christian marriage. Yes, you read that right – I get to be embarrassed instead! Since I’m no expert, I will endeavor to not share my personal opinion, but to give you the words of those wiser than myself.

Thanks to your thoughtful answers in a recent survey about sex and marriage, I was able to get a head start on commonly asked questions! Hopefully, some of the material will turn into a pre-marriage package.

If you’d also like to take the survey:

For married women –
For married men:
For those engaged or in a serious relationship –

Happy Reading!

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