Emma and Annie’s Prenatal List

     Have you ever been overwhelmed with all the baby gadgets that are available these days? There are so many things that you “must” have when baby comes. However, Emma and Annie think that you can be just as happy with less. Check out this list of ‘must haves’ for the expecting crunchy stay-at-home minimalist mother. 


Here’s our list:

1. Clothes and onesies, mostly 3-6 months and up. Bigger sizes are great! Baby grows so fast. Snaps or zippers down both legs are so helpful. 

2. Padsickles. You can make them yourself! 

3. Have access to several different baby carriers. Wraps, a sling, a structured carrier. Ergo is very popular. 

4. Cloth diapers, wipes, and covers. Lots and lots of prefolds!!!!! Prefolds are great for burp clothes, rags and much more. 

5. For convenience and when you’re out and about, disposable diapers and wipes are very helpful.  7th Generation or Honest Company is a good brand.

6. A variety of baby blankets. Some for cold weather, some for warm days, and some for playing on the floor. Flannel is very nice. 

7. Baby hat. Not only are they cute, but they are great head warmers and to keep sun out. 

8. An umbrella for walks in the rain. 

9. Big coat or sweater that can enclose both momma and baby. 

8. Long Scarves. These can be used in infinite ways. You could use it as a nursing cover, a head covering and more! 

9. Baby shower chair or tub- especially for newborns. Being able to bring your newborn in the shower with you makes a world of difference. 

9. Convertible car seat. (backwards and forwards facing) 

 10. Bedrail. (unless your mattress is on the floor)

11. Backpack diaper bag. Having your hands free is wonderful. 

12. Rocking chair.  

13. Cloth breast pads and nursing bras. Also:

14. Waterproof bed pads. 

15. Diaper changing pad. (The waterproof bed pads work great.)

16. Washcloths for baths. (One for you and one for baby!)

17. Nose Frida and saline

18. Coconut oil – for the whole family!

19. Wet bags for diapers

20. Diaper pail or hamper


Not quite as required but super nice:

1. Stroller. 

2. A dog to help with asthma and strengthen immune system.

3. Easy Access to washer and dryer. 

4. Crib (can be used as a co-sleeper or child’s bed)

5. Sun shades for the car

6. Teething necklace.

7. Body pillow. More pillows.

8. Car seat mirror.

9. Elastic bottom frock. Amazing for diaper changes!

10. Bibs

11. Books

Did we forget something?

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