Child-Bearing Years

Here’s a Brief Overview

Puberty through menopause is a long time! According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, a woman’s childbearing years are approximately from tween(8-14) through early middle age(45). That’s nearly 35 years of fertility, and potentially 420 monthly cycles, supposing you never missed one. I consider this a bitter-sweet blessing!

A woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have. Wow! When I heard this, I immediately worried, “Is that enough?” but then I read further that God provides about 2 million eggs in our bodies! How amazing.

Why Aunt Flo? Here is a visual on how ovulation happens:

Phases of a Cycle

If you’re like me, every month comes with its ups and downs. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally – every day is so different when you’re a woman! Some women find charting extremely helpful to understand their fertility, moods, and nutritional needs.

Here is a sample paper chart:  (download and print BLANK chart)


There are also great phone apps like Kindara:  (Download from iTunes)


Check out the links below to further understand what these charts mean:

Indicator of Fertility – Mucus samples are informative.the-female-cycle-three-phases

Benefits of Charting Your Cycle During Any Season Of Life – Why chart?

Fertility Cycle  – What’s happening during your cycle.

Menstrual Cycle – How long is my cycle?

Basal Body Temperature – Take your temperature every day!

Women Speak on NFP: Top 11 Reasons to Try Creighton

To get the inside scoop, take this class!

NFP Logo.png

Nutrition and Supplements

In order for our feminine bodies to function properly, we need proper nutrition!

  1. The best book I have ever read on this topic is written by Marilyn M. Shannon, entitled Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition. I encourage you to check it out!


2. According to Dr. Guy Abraham, M.D., a research gynecologist and endocrinologist, there are 4 different types of PMS which are listed here:

4 types of PMS.jpg

In light of his research, he came up with a special woman’s multivitamin for PMS, which I highly recommend!

41tbpuejsvl     Dr. Abraham also recommends taking a Calcium and Magnesium blend.
This Rainbow Light blend has worked well for many women, and greatly eases menstrual cramps and muscle tension.

3. Every girl needs one of these!


Ask Your Spiritual Father
  1. Many women are concerned about receiving communion while menstruating. Read more Here, Here, Here, and Here. There are many views on it, but ultimately something that you and your spiritual father would talk about.
  2. Should small children, and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers fast? For one list of fasting rules click here, and for more guidelines click here. Most sources are unanimous that those who are very young, pregnant, nursing, or infirm, are not require to fast. It’s always a good idea to ask your spiritual father also!
  3. Many couples are concerned about having sex during Lenten periods. There are some great articles to pique your interest. Click here Here and Here.
  4. Many couples are concerned about contraception. Here are some great words by Abbot Tryphon. Click Here for words by Fr. Josiah Trenham. Also published by Fr. Josiah Trenham, On Contraception. Another topic to discuss with your spiritual father.

Trying to Conceive? (TTC)

Fertility info.jpg


Folate Prenatal
Natural pregnancy tracker.

Prayers and Encouragement

Orthodox Prayers for Pregnant Mother and Unborn Child

Three Prayers for During Pregnancy

Expecting? – “Today’s American families usually prepare for the birth of a child financially and physically: We put aside money for room additions and begin education accounts. We take out insurance policies. Dad wallpapers the nursery and sets up a crib, while Mom buys Huggies by the case. But what do we do spiritually to prepare to welcome God’s gift?”

Pregnancy – encouragement from Elder Paisios


My hope is that you embrace these childbearing years with joy and gratitude, that God has created you with the undescribable blessing of being potential co-creators with Him. What a wonderous thing! Your fertility is a gift from the Lord.  – Annie

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